Fruits and Vegetables that are Safe for Your Dogs


Want to give your pet the best diet? Wondering if it’s safe to give your pet vegetables and fruits? Well, you can give anything to your pet provided it is approved by your vet and doesn’t cause any allergic reactions. 

Like humans, dogs are also omnivores. This means they can eat both meat and plant-based foods. Incorporating vegetables and fruits into your dog’s diet is a safe bet. However, you would need to consult your vet before you make changes to your dog’s diet plan, as some foods can cause serious problems.


Bearing this in mind, we have put together a list of fruits and vegetables that are safe to be consumed by dogs. Let’s check out what type of fruits you can give to your dog:


Apples are high in Vitamin C and Vitamin A and a good source of fiber. They if consumed in moderate quantity can go a long way toward keeping your dog’s digestive system in the best working condition. Be sure to remove seeds and core before giving an apple to your dog. 


Bananas are a great source of copper, vitamins, and potassium. They can also be consumed by furbabies. Since bananas have high sugar content, they shouldn’t be treated as a daily food for your dog. Instead, they should be regarded as a treat.


This green vegetable is completely safe to be consumed by your pets. It should only be given in small quantities, as it is rich in fibers that can cause diarrhea.


Cucumbers are a low-calorie snack for dogs. However, you are not supposed to feed too many cucumbers to your dogs. It can cause stomach problems.

How do you look at this article? Are there any fruits or vegetables you’re looking to incorporate into your dog’s diet? Do let us know by dropping us an email.