Top 3 Best Fish Species for Your Aquarium


Keeping an aquarium not only adds beauty to your home ambiance, but it also helps in keeping your mood happy and relaxed. It’s in our nature that we get relaxed when we are close to our pets or other animals. If you are planning to keep an aquarium, consider going with a freshwater tank, as it is easy to be taken care of than saltwater tanks. Freshwater tank critters are also more forgiving to mistakes usually made by new owners.


Freshwater fish species will make your aquarium more colorful and lively. Whether you are a seasoned or new aquarium owner, it will be hard to resist freshwater fish species. We have made a list of the top best freshwater fish species that are good to go for your aquarium.

Neon Tetra

It’s probably one of the most popular species available. Neon Tetra is a thin, small and easy-to-care fish that is considered ideal for new aquarium owners. It doesn’t grow very long and remains only 2.2-cm in length. They are widely recognized for being a very calm and peaceful species. They perform best when kept in tanks with plants, rocks, and other aquarium accessories. They have a blue body with a bright red stripe. 


Easygoing and small, Mollies are the best species that one can go for their freshwater tank. They can grow up to 3-4-inch in length. Since they are omnivorous, they can feed on plants and other animals. What sets them apart from the rest is that they love to bread and give birth to their babies. You can control their growth by keeping one gender. 


Guppies are another fish species that you can go for. They are super easy to care for and tend to reproduce at a fast rate when kept in pairs. Males are more colorful than females. They can also adapt to multiple water conditions.