Why My Cat Licks Me And Then Bites Me?


This is your first-time experience keeping a cat as a pet in your home, right? Wondering why your cat licks and then bites you? Well, it’s not something only your cat does. Nearly every cat does so to show love and affection. 


Cats groom each other as a sign of love and affection. This behavior is known as Allogrooming that involves licking and biting. If your cat is nibbling on your chin after a few licks, it could be due to allogrooming. It’s completely safe and natural. When a cat licks you or any other pets around, he is creating a social bond. It is something kittens learn from their cat mother in their kittenhood.

Sudden bites may also be the result of overstimulation. When a cat reaches her or his tolerance level, he or she may bite. Whatever the reason may be, cat licking and biting is okay in most cases and there’s nothing to worry about. If you have noticed something weird in your cat, you should immediately consult a vet to pinpoint the exact problem.  

Why Do Cats Love Rubbing Their Face On You?

Cats discharge friendly pheromones from the glands located in their chin and cheeks to show respect and love for you.  It’s simply an affectionate gesture that cats use as a form of greeting. The next your cat rubs his face on you, it means he is labeling you as a friend and there’s nothing wrong with it. 

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