How to Make a Cat Less Fearful


Worried about your cat being scared all the time? Well, there’s nothing to worry about. It’s something you can fix easily by following some techniques mentioned below. Keeping this in mind, we have shared some useful information that may be of help to you in making your cat less fearful.


Try to be calm

Like other animals, cats are also good at sensing your stress and anxiety. The stress doesn’t only come from your body language, but also from your tone and voice. So always stay relaxed and speak calmly when your cat is around.

Your cat must feel safe

Avoid anything that makes cats uncomfortable. When other animals or people approach a cat, he or she automatically gets defensive. You should try building trust to make your cat feel fully secure and safe.

Walk slowly 

Try to walk slowly and never make rapid movements when you’re approaching a cat.

Learn to listen to your cat

Don’t ignore your cat when she is trying to tell you through her actions and body. A hiss isn’t aggression. It’s simply a way of saying ‘’I am not relaxed now and don’t come near to me.’’ Most people think hissing is aggression, which is wrong. Next time your cat hisses, ignore it and walk slowly as if you haven’t noticed your cat. Don’t scold her or make eye contact with her.

Try using a Feliway diffuser

Although it will not fix things overnight, it will help gradually. Feliway Diffuser offers a convenient and natural way to help control or prevent stress-related behaviors in cats such as vertical scratching and urine spraying.

How do you look at these tips? Please feel free to share your valuable feedback by dropping us an email. We greatly appreciate your thoughts and feedback.