How Do I Give Oral Medicine to My Cat?


Like most pets, cats also get weird when taking any medicine. No matter how aggressive your cat may be, he or she still needs medication to stay healthy. If you are having a hard time giving medicine to your cat, you can hide it in the food he likes the most. However, there is more than one way to do this if this approach doesn’t work for your cat.


Try mixing the medicine with canned food

As already stated above, like our kids, cats can also be distracted from realizing they are getting medicine in their food. If your et gives a green signal, consider mixing your pet’s medicine with any wet food. If your cat is taking other medications, be sure to tell your vet about it. If you are mixing with food, try to use food in moderate quantities to make sure your cat eats it all without leaving any leftovers. The food should be tasty enough to induce him.

Giving liquid medicine through a syringe

If your cat doesn’t get tricked by the aforementioned approach, you can try a syringe for giving medicine to your cat. It is not as easy as it looks, but with a little patience, you can administer medicine to your cat. You should get everything ready before you involve your cat, as it he will get scared and won’t come close to you. Make him sit close to you with his mouth pointing upward. You can use a towel or any other cloth to hold your cat for a better grip. It is simple as long as you don’t make things unfriendly

If the aforementioned information is working for you, it’s time to go to a vet. Don’t force your cat to take medicine if he is resisting. You may cause him an injury while administering medicine.