Ways to Train Your Pet to Be Alone in the House


This is your first time keeping a pet? Don’t know how to train your puppy to be home alone? No fuss, you have landed in the right place. This blog post is going to be very useful for you. So keep your attention intact till the last sentence.


Avoid taking your pet with you everywhere you go

This will lead to over-attachment and you will regret it a lot later.  Teach your pet from the beginning that you are not going to stay with him all the time. You should start leaving him alone for a short time. Furbabies need around 18 hours of sleep a day, so leaving them alone for a few hours at a time shouldn’t be a problem.  

Teach your puppy that being alone is a fun

Don’t make your puppy believe that living alone is a punishment. Show him that it’s a lot of fun without you. You can involve him in any fun activity a few moments before leaving him alone. Practice this until your puppy gets used to it and finds it fun to be alone. Wondering what activities you can engage your puppies in? Well, the internet is full of DIY pet activities that your dog will love.  

Crate train your dog

You would need to work hard to make your puppy believe that the crate is the most amazing place on earth. Always give something delicious to your puppy to chew while he’s in the crate. Be sure to show him loads of praise and affection every time gets in the crate. Never put him in the crate as a punishment. Try to make everything super comfortable in there.  It could be anything that makes your puppy happy and relaxed.