What Can Horses Eat? How to Keep Them Healthy?


A horse is a beautiful animal that has been serving humanity for ages. They were used as the fastest means of transportation in the past. In some developing countries, they are still being used as transportation. Nowadays, keeping horses has become a luxury habit of elites. Nothing can replace a horse ride. People who have ridden a horse will tell you how amazing it feels to ride a horse.


This article doesn’t contain information on how to ride a horse. It will provide you with a clear image of what you can feed your horse. 


All horses love grass, as it’s their natural food. It’s an ideal choice for their digestive system. However, you will need to be careful when allowing your horse to graze in a field. There are some plant types like ragwort that can cause a problem. The grass is a complete food package for horses. 


Haylage or hay keeps your horse full especially when pasture is not available in the cool months starting from autumn to early spring. 

Vegetables or fruits 

Fruits and vegetables add moisture to feed and keep your horse in the best form. However, some fruit and vegetable types should be avoided. You can search ‘’what fruits and vegetables aren’t good for horses’’ on the internet. 


Offering a salt lick block to your horse is a good practice. Many horse owners say that horses love licking salt in the summer months.


If your horse is young, old, pregnant, competing or nursing, your vet may suggest concentrates, which are oats, corn, and barely. These provide your horse with energy. However, going with the wrong ingredient amounts or combinations can be dangerous. 

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